Aircraft outfitted with the
® include:









Hawk 100/200

Mirage 2000


Taiwan IDF

Saab Gripen




HAL Tejas




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Smoke has been used to heighten the visual impact of flight for decades. Usually smoke systems simply pump enough oil into a hot engine exhaust, reciprocating or jet, to produce a visible plume of smoke.

With jet exhaust systems, smoke quality is generally poor due to dispersion from the high velocity exhaust. The smoke also dissipates rapidly because of high exhaust temperature. At high power settings, especially in after burner, the smoke may disappear altogether.

The Smokewinder®, an airborne self-contained smoke generator, was developed by Sanders Smoke Technologies to fill the need for a smoke system that is independent of the engine influence and location. The Smokewinder® has greatly expanded the application and scope to which smoke may be used in aircraft operation:

     Aerial Demonstrations

     Vortex Marking

     Flight Tests

     Aerial Tracking

     Air Combat Training

These state of the art smoke generators are available to you, only through Sanders Smoke Technologies. Contact Us today for a no obligation quote for your aircraft.

Description of Function
Each Smokewinder® unit is completely self contained and will produce up to seven minutes of dense high quality smoke. Internal tankage is provided for one gallon (3.79 liters) of gasoline and six gallons (23 liters) of smoke oil. Gasoline is pumped to a nozzle In the combustor where it is mixed with regulated ram air. A capacitor discharge ignition source charges a coil to fire the spark plug, ignite the gasoline/air mixture and provide heat to vaporize the smoke oil. Oil is pumped to a baffled mixing chamber which discharges smoke at the tail of the unit. It is important to note that the oil is vaporized, not burned, in the mixing chamber. This assures a maximum volume of high quality smoke from a minimum of smoke oil.

The Smokewinder® will mount on stock Sidewinder launch rails with no modifications required to the aircraft. Therefore, the aircraft need not be segregated as a special air show vehicle. The Smokewinder® affords half-hour change over from front line to exhibition configuration.

The Smokewinder® has the same CG location, gross weight and inertia as the Sidewinder missile. Therefore, structural consideration on the aircraft will not be changed from the Sidewinder missile.

The Smokewinder® can be cycled on and off an unlimited number of times until the smoke oil is exhausted or it can be run continuously for approximately seven minutes. The power to operate and command smoke is accomplished with the existing trigger and electrical power available from the Sidewinder missile launching rail. A pulse from the pilot's trigger starts the smoke sequence and a second pulse stops the smoke. When the use of two Smokewinders, one on each wing tip, if desired, a Jumper wire in the fire control system can be easily installed to fire both Smokewinders at the same time.

The only servicing between flights is to add one gallon (3.79 liters) of gasoline and six gallons (23 liters) of smoke oil. The Smokewinder® is a non-pyrotechnic device; the aircraft can be serviced without the need for a revetment.

Smoke Oil
High quality white smoke is obtained using Texaco Canopus 13 oil.



Length = 131"

Diameter = 7 1/4"




Inertia Slug ft2


156 lbs.

63.0 in.

51.60 in.


200 lbs.

63.2 in.

52.94 in.

Smokewinder® Manual



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